In addition to counseling sessions, I also am available to present seminars and workshops on mental and emotional health related topics.  Here are a few of the presentations I have given here in Shanghai and I can also customize new topics upon request.

Culture Shock

Almost all expats experience some degree of culture shock.  This seminar helps expats new to Shanghai learn about what they might experience and how to cope with culture shock and effectively adjust to life here in Shanghai.

Stressed in Shanghai: Recognizing and Responding to Students Under Pressure

Stress is inevitable, especially for students here. Educators are in a key role to help students manage stress and learn to cope in healthy ways.  This session will help teachers better recognize when student stress is unhealthy and provide tools and strategies for how to help support students who are struggling. 

The Teen Scene

Raising a teen anywhere can be difficult, but here in Shanghai there are some additional unique challenges parents often face.  This seminar discusses the teen lifestyle in Shanghai and helps parents learn how they can better understand their teens, communicate with them, relate to them, all while maintaining healthy boundaries and expectations.

How to Stay Emotionally Healthy In Shanghai

Living in and adjusting to Shanghai can come with some unique emotional challenges. This presentation emphasizes the importance of emotional health and well-being and explore common feelings and experiences that expats encounter living in Shanghai.   Attendees learn a basic understanding of emotional health and cultural awareness and gain knowledge, skills, and resources aimed to help feel more at ease in Shanghai.   This is a Community Center Shanghai (CCS) seminar that I or any of the other CCS counselors can present. 

Setting Boundaries With Teens

This seminar discusses what is “normal” teen behavior and what is not and provides parents with practical tools and strategies to help establish firm but caring boundaries with their teens.

Becoming a Love & Logic Parent

This seminar presents an overview of the concept of Love & Logic parenting and gives a condensed summary of what participants will learn if they take the full Love & Logic parenting course.

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & How To Listen So Kids Will Talk

This interactive workshop presents a detailed overview of the book by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish and involves participants in many activities and exercises to help enhance learning and practice the skills outlined in the book.

Self-Injury: Inner Pain, Outer Wounds

Self-injury is a particularly complex behavior and can be very confusing and scary to parents, educators, loved ones, and even professionals.  This presentation helps those in a caring role better understand why someone might hurt him/herself and provides tips and strategies on how to respond and provide help.  I also have written an article on this topic (link).

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are one of the most serious and dangerous mental health issues.  This seminar offers education regarding the most common eating disorders, with a focus on providing new, research-based knowledge and debunking many myths and misunderstandings surrounding eating disorders, their causes, and their treatments.  Attendees gain a greater awareness and understanding of eating disorders, learn how to recognize the warning signs of potential eating disorders, and learn some basics related to intervention and treatment.  What parents and schools can do to help prevent the development of eating disorders in children and teens also is discussed.  This seminar can be customized for an audience of adolescents, adults/families, school personnel, or mental health/medical professionals.

Home For The Holidays - Help

This workshop was originally designed and presented to families of children with special needs to help prepare them for the challenges that can be associated with traveling home for the holidays.  It can also be adapted more generally for other families too since as most expats know, despite the joy and anticipation of heading home for the holidays, there also often is some level of stress associated with holiday travel.

Bullying And Cyberbullying

Bullying has always been a challenging issue and with the emergence of cyber-bullying, it is now an even more complex issue than ever.  This seminar helps parents and/or educators recognize what bullying is, how and why it happens, and how they can work both to respond to and prevent bullying.