Third Culture Kids

TCKs can be found in every corner of the globe, born to diplomats, business people, military officers, missionaries and educators living outside of their “home” countries.

How to Introduce a New Sibling and Manage Sibling Rivalry

It is said that children who grow up with siblings have increased social, linguistic and emotional skills.

Social Kids

Ways to help your kids thrive in a multicultural environment...

Breaking The Barriors Of Counseling

Counseling.  Now there’s a heavily loaded word, and one that might even make you shrink down in your chair. Unfortunately the term often comes with a load of stigma and taboo

Overcoming Shyness

How to help your child cultivate social skills

Nurturing Healthy Competitiveness

In the highly competitive environment we live in, it can feel like kids are always being ranked.

Anger Management For Expats

Anger is normal.  But what happens when you find your anger habitually spiraling into explosive episodes?

Inside The Outsider's Shanghai

Expatriates the world over have flocked to China’s business capital, drawn by lucrative job offers. But what makes them stay?

How To Help Yourself

Let it go. Think positive. Love yourself. These affirmations are easier said than done.

Lifeline Shanghai: Help Hotline for Expats

Ten years ago, most of Lifeline's crisis calls came from tearful tai-tais agonizing over their husbands’ infidelity. These days, expats have different issues in mind.

Twin Culture Kids

All parents have a hard job. They have to teach their children the basics of life and how to read and do math.

Changing Roles

The presence of male trailing spouses has reached such critical mass, the term "guytai" – an inter-lingual portmanteau word combining "guy" with "taitai,"

It's All The Rage

The irascible foreigner has become a stereotype in Shanghai. We have all seen them - shouting in broken Chinese at the taxi driver or shop owner, gesticulating wildly, walking off in a huff and generally making a scene.

Parents With Class

When faced with the high cost of international schools many expat parents in Shanghai see home-schooling as their best option.

Dealing With Change

By opting to live and work overseas, expats choose to change their environment. Their kids, however, don't often get a choice in the matter.

China Days

New country, new city, new life. The expat experience can be exciting and terrifying in equal measure.

What's In It For Me?

Life as a trailing spouse might on the surface seem comfortable enough. There's the ayi, the driver, the lunches, but for women who've left behind careers they value,

When Dad's Not Home

Frequent travel and heavy workloads are a way of life for many dads in Shanghai, often placing stress on family relationships. So how can families' cope when dad's away?

Holidaying With Kids

Family holidays with the kids can be daunting to plan, and exhausting to execute. Here's some good advice on how to survive and enjoy the time together.

Separate Ways

They've been together from the moment of conception; but what happens when you decide to separate twins for school?

Culture Shock!

One of the biggest contributing factors to the success or failure of an overseas posting is how well the children settle into their new environment.

Missing You...

As the exodus of families heading home for the holidays begins, there are inevitably those of us who will be left behind to celebrate in Shanghai.

Bu Keyi!

Working out the best way to discipline your child is difficult at the best of times; but here in Shanghai, without the support of family

Fear Not

Life as a child can be scary. Due to children’s level of cognitive development, they have much more difficulty understanding the difference between real and make believe

To Give Or Not To Give

Few of us would like to be seen as lacking in compassion for those less well off, but when it comes to begging in Shanghai, it's hard to know if the donation you give

An Ode To Dads

If you are an expat father in Shanghai, you may feel like your children see your driver more often than they see you. Fortunately, the quality of time you spend

Building Connections

“You just don’t understand me!” These words may be all too familiar to the parent of a teenager. Navigating the waters from child to teenager

Thinking For Success

There are two types of people in this world: those who think success is determined by inborn talent, and those who believe success is achieved

Staying Connected

Families living in Shanghai are as diverse as anywhere else, juggling with different family situations that each bring their own challenges.

New Directions

As we ring in the new year, some of us are facing major milestones that will redefine our life paths for years to come.

Saying Goodbye

Losing friends to repatriation is a constant reality for expats living around the globe. Saying goodbye to those we have formed strong bonds with is never easy,

New Kid On The Block

It's always hard being the new kid on the block, but even harder for a third-culture kid (TCK), who frequently finds himself or herself in a new country

Melting Pot Marriages

Merging multi-cultural parenting styles

Shanghai is a multicultural city. If you are raising children here, expect divergent advice. (page 24)