The Semicolon Project

You might have seen people on social media posting pictures of semicolons drawn or tattooed on their wrists or elsewhere on their bodies.  No, they’re not grammar pedants – there’s actually a much more touching reason behind it.

You Know We Have A Special Needs Child, But Here Are 10 Things We Might Not Have Told You

It’s a given that we love our children, and you’ll hear us talk about that and the rewarding parts of raising them, but this is some of the hard stuff


When Families Fail Parents Of Children With Special Needs

Learning your child has been born with a birth defect, a disability or a life-threatening condition inevitably breaks a parent’s heart. But what happens when your own family — flesh and blood who have promised to love you no matter what — run in the opposite direction?

Eating Disorders on the Web

Google the word “anorexia” and the fifth search result is a link to a pro-anorexia (pro-ana) Web forum, which is mixed with links to well-respected medical Web sites. Google the words “thin and beautiful” and the top two search results are pro-ana Web sites

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