Culture Burnout

You’ve been in Shanghai for a while now, and the culture shock has passed. You don’t have to gird yourself for a trip to the grocery store, and you can just zone out like everyone else on the metro. But lately, something else has crept into that space where culture shock used to roost: something like irritation and exhaustion all rolled up together.


Children and Change

Have you ever wished that kids came with a manual, telling you just what to expect and exactly how to respond?  If only!  Not only would this be helpful during the course of “normal” life, but especially so during the periods of change and adjustment that we as expats and our children so frequently face.

Eliminating The Four Horsemen

Contrary to popular belief, research has shown that it’s not the “big” issues such as infidelity that most often lead to the breakdown of marriages; rather, it is the “little” things that build up over time, such as poor communication between partners.


Saying Goodbye – How To Fare with So Many Farewells

The coming of summer means time off and travel for many of us, something most look forward to all year long with great anticipation. However, it also is the season when many expats tend to repatriate

Inner Pain - Outer Scars

She walked into my office with her arms extended and wrists covered in startling cuts. “Quick, quick! I need some bandages.” If I hadn’t known her so well, I may have wondered if she had been attacked or perhaps attempted suicide. But I knew differently. 

Young woman cuts veins on a hand on a dark background. Focus on hand

Change Your Mind
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a blend of two effective forms of psychotherapy: cognitive and behavioral therapy. According to CBT, our thoughts influence our feelings and behaviors

Boundaries for Teens

“Everyone else is doing it.”...“Everyone else’s parents let them.”

What parent of a teen hasn’t heard this before? The adolescent years are a time of experimenting and experiencing, growth and development, all with the goal of moving toward independence and being prepared for the “real world.”

Culture Shock child

Helping Children Through Culture Shock

Children arrive in Shanghai with all kinds of attitudes, outlooks, and expectations. Some see it as the beginning of a whirlwind adventure. Others are more reluctant about, or even flat out resistant, to the new experience.


One of the most basic yet crucial elements of moving to Shanghai is setting up our homes.  Most of us spend some degree of time, effort and money making sure our house or apartment is a refuge ... Are we as intentional however, about ensuring our family relationships are as safe 

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

With summer approaching, our thoughts often turn to travel, beaches, fun in the sun…and our appearance.  How many of us have had the thought that we need to shed a few pounds before the season of shorts and swimsuits?

The Problem With First World Problems

As a counselor at the Community Center Shanghai, I frequently begin sessions by asking children to share with me their “sunshines” and their “clouds.” What I am really asking of them is to share with me the best and worst thing that has happened to them


Parenting in Shanghai

Parenting in Shanghai can be a real paradox, at the same time both infinitely easier and infinitely harder than it would be back home.  On the one hand, many moms (or dads in some cases) who had to work in their home country are able to stay home with the kids here and many have helpers such as ayis and drivers.

Using Summertime To Reflect, Renew, and Recharge

Do you ever feel bored, stuck in a rut, or like you’re simply going through the motions, just doing what it takes to get from one day to the next without much thought or energy directed to what you really want to do with your life?

Third Culture Kid

Third Culture Kids

According to research by Polluck and Van Reken and many others, despite being from diverse backgrounds, most TCKs seem to have some common characteristics and common bonds and these shape and impact their worldview and their course of life.

Raising Teens In Shanghai

Raising teens anywhere is not an easy job, but raising them in Shanghai, away from the comforts and familiarity of home and natural support systems you have there can be a particular challenge. Here a few tips and resources to try to make it a little easier for you.

Teenage daughter looking at messages in a smartphone and ignoring her furious mother. Bad family communication concept by new technologies